by zeta

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released September 13, 2010

Producido por: Zeta Producciones & Waipea Records. Grabado y mezclado por: Marcel Fernandez, Roadhouse Studios, Caracas, Venezuela.Materizado por: Brian Bigbass Gardner, Los Angeles, CA, US. Album Cover por: Sonny Kay. Musica y Letras por: Zeta. Todos Los Derechos Reservados. 2010



all rights reserved


zeta Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

since 2003 Avant Experimental Punk. Venezuela

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Track Name: The Moustache: Act I
stop, wearing my crown, you're not my king
i don't need to seed my failure (now)
this generation is hollow
should i speak with no fear?

we need more of redemption
seek for the truth beneath the pain

(war) we have been blessed on the battle fields
(war) before there was a man now we speak for thousand
(war) listen carefully cuz im not coming back
(war) fight you're own battles and bleed before they bleed


you dig you're own grave building happiness among the others sadness
people from everywhere will gather here to watch this
so please lay down and enjoy

stop thinking you're the one (not the one)
Im an old fashioned man

we follow your path but now your lead
the sky is bleeding faster
Track Name: Get Married With The Pathfinder (Fight The Rules Fight The King)
tonight we walk before the sun is rising
theres light between the life and death, don't get nervous
don't fail before this old man orders and questions
we are fighting for the rights of man (rights of man)

rain before this dead man heart stops bleeding
you've been sleeping for to long now wake up wake up
find hope behind this dead man chest hole
you've been sleeping for to long

don't get closer

this old man orders
never fail and never surrender
you've been blind dead (blind dead)

def for to long makes me fail dying

sunshine make it a tragedy
shoot, he's soul stills dancing

is hard for us if you keep breathing
this thin line isn't big so let go let go
don't stop believing
is hard for us to let it go

don't say you're sorry
don't fail to progress
don't be unfaithful
lets have some faith
Track Name: Vultures : 3
beneath this whole world we hide vultures
we can loose our freedom and will
lets be honest with our selves
disagreement make cancers and wars
so why are we vultures?

theres nothing below us
i have no betray my believes
try to explain who's betraying
we want pictures and facts (we want pictures and facts)

i have no excuses
im just pointing the vultures down
don't faille to progress
but don't sell our values

no way we are dying

no somos mejores por ser como ellos
Track Name: Worship (idols and leaders) fake leaders
(worship worship) long time we meet my lady
(worship worship) lets lie until we die
(worship worship) screw that big old champion
(worship worship) tonight we set this house on fire
as we lay down he said
to take our promises theres no time to think

check you're fashion
(don't let the workers down)
check you're profits
(don't let the workers down)
check you're profits
(don't let the workers down, don't let them)
check you're fashion

(worship worship) how long are we going to be here?
(worship worship) theres no play before the king's dead
(worship worship) conspiracy dies with me
(worship worship) tonight we set this house on fire
as we lay down he said
to take our promises theres no time to think

fight, don't play, fight, don't play
(fall before the line is dead)