Slingshot EP

by Zeta w Chris Pyrate

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Mike Giraldo
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Mike Giraldo I'm in love with the atmosphere of this album. "We choose to fight, They choose to talk!! Favorite track: No Mas Fronteras (Feat. Bleu Bird).
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released March 17, 2017

Music by: Zeta

Juan Ricardo Yilo Alvarado
Daniel Hernadez Saud
Gabriel Quintero Duque

Lyrics by: Chris Pyrate, Bleu Bird, Zeta.

Produced by: Zeta & Juan Oña, at Apparatus Studio, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. USA. 2017.



all rights reserved


zeta Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

since 2003 Avant Experimental Punk. Venezuela

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Track Name: Resignar (Chris Pyrate version)
Welcome to the mind of a warrior - he's fighting euphoria tryna stay light on his feet and disconnected - cus everything he holds close could be a weapon and passion hit him wearing his
Track Name: Zeta, Bleu Bird - No Mas Fronteras (Feat. Bleu Bird)
no mas fronteras, no mas odio, no mas fronteras, te quiero ver mas....

I been trapped between the greedy scene and seedy bold face
Eventually I'll figure it out like a cold case
Fuck a race I run like mother nature told me
Constantly around the corner from the old me
I gotta get it if it's not the light i know the dark
I'm riding shotgun with a lion up in Noah's ark
This ain't Ramona Park but I'm a legend ask yourself
To sit and look or leave your name in books up on that shelf
HAHA when like is CACA you face it proper
you keep your head up walk around like you the don dada
If they don't like you trashy fuck em dirty cosign
hang your dirty laundry all up on that clothes line
When you're right you're right. We could die tonight
You could chew my eyes I won't lose my sight
We choose to fight
They choose to talk
and walk around with them nooses tight
Small axe chopping trees Big mind parting seas
Born in the belly with a beast in tow
Sworn in the celly like a seasoned pro
We are stardust We are golden
Skating on that concrete ocean
Coasting on that foreign dream
Speaking secrets hoarding memes
Come with me though
We speak in circles at the show
Fear me friendly Feel me flow
Free me from this undertow
GO GO c'mon move
Frozen in them stolen shoes
Rolling in them golden blues
Struggle flavors my behavior
Coffee is my lord and savior
Snatch the princess watch me save her
Call me something hear me hater
I am rebel
I am Raider
I will gve in to the greater.
Track Name: The Sea: El Que Tiene No Valora (Chris Pyrate version) + Bonus Slingshot Acapella
Listen, put your ear to the seashell
Follow intuition you can hear the sea well
It speaks, through the ripples and the welting
You knew that we had it, soon as you felt it
Don't fight it cold hearts get melted
And glaciers thaw, you get scratched by natures paw
Your choice, prerogative and your call
But really, does it deserve a choice at all
I guess to learn to fly, first you gotta fall
Well fall fast and learn quick
The world needs this
Gravity feeds us
Wants to teach us
Don't make the universe bleed us

Dime donde estara tu hijo? en caracas
Dime como quedara la costa? cuando te vayas
y si el frío rompe el filo de la noche en el cuchillo
dime donde estara tu hijo? en caracas....

First world problems third world answers
You never knew they lost it,
They never ever had it
You empty of a conscious
We empty of a pocket
And empty of defenses when they deploy the rocket, See,
You don't know the meaning of hypocrisy
If you did you wouldn't look into the mirror
Vampire shhhhh
You just take take take
And if you did own a mirror it would break break break
And shatter, time matters more than pitter patter
More than stepping on heads, just to clear the ladder
More than green in your pocket, the color green is your mind
Logos cover your souls up, I looked it was hard to find
Hard design can't cover a heart wound
Man discovered dolphin, also invented the harpoon
Your life's a cartoon, theirs late night news
Some fight lawsuits, Some fight to eat food
If you have it hold right 'cus you could miss it
Take a picture when you lose it bet you'll kiss it
Frame it, hang it, on the wall
Build a shrine up, from here to China
It was written in the design of, fabric of appreciation
Trust me, I've been through the lost it all club initiation